Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Friday Frenzy - One Giveaway. Many Giftcards!

Black Friday is coming fast and for those that enjoy the frenzy of getting up at {gulp} 3 a.m. to get those great deals, this is for you!

Kate n’ Kaboodle and K Squared Glamour have teamed up to bring you a crazy mad giveaway to win gift cards to your favorite Black Friday Store! Each card is at least $20.

One giveaway. Multiple gift cards. Multiple winners.

Contestants can win more than one!  You can visit all of the blogs participating, but you can only enter the form once.   So have fun!!


  1. Sorry - I couldn't find the twitter account for @goodstewardsavers. I clicked by mistake.

  2. oops, I DID follow @katekaboodle on twitter, but forgot to put my twitter id in the extra info before I clicked submit - js22222222
    I couldn't find the twitter account for @goodstewardsavers either :-(

  3. ahhh, found @goodstewardsvrs as the twitter ID when I went to follow them on GFC

  4. Why would I lose my connection in the middle of entry? lol, oh well at least at came back up and I am entered. Thanks for the giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com


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