Friday, November 11, 2011

Brooklyn Story by Suzanne Corso

Samantha Bonti never knew her dad. She saw him once when she was six but he immediately pushed her away. She's raised by her mom, who has her addictive habits and her grandmother, whom is very opinionated, yet encouraging. Samantha is half Jewish and half Italian and poor. She doesn't fit in well at school, so she is intrigued when Janice Caputo, a girl several years her junior and wealthy, takes her under her wing.

Samantha wants to get out of town and make something of herself, hopefully a writer. She doesn't share her dreams with many, but she yearns to wave goodbye to the poverty, the mobsters and their wives, who have no backbone. But when Janice introduces Samantha to Tony Kroon, it all changes. He is handsome and charming and Samantha falls under his spell immediately. Tony and his boys are willing to do whatever it takes to get the attention of the mob. They want in and Tony will use Samantha to press his advantage. The deeper Samantha digs herself, the harder it will be to pursue her dreams.

Brooklyn Story by Suzanne Corso is a compelling read about one girl finding her path and what obstacles she has to hurdle to pursue her dream or alter her course. The characters are vibrant and compelling and the details perfectly wrought, bringing Brooklyn to life. Corso does a remarkable job, bringing Samantha to life to express her voice. A magnificent debut!

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