Thursday, November 17, 2011

City of Whispers (A Sharon McCone Mystery) by Marcia Muller

Private Eye Sharon McCone isn't close with her younger half-brother Darcy Blackhawk. In fact, between his drug use and thievery, she thinks perhaps he deserves to be living under a bridge as a troll. But when she received a vague email from him asking for help, she decides to look into it. There may not be any love lost between them, but he is family.

With the help of her investigative team, Sharon is led from an internet cafe to the body of a woman at an art institute to the unsolved murder of a young heiress. As she and her team race to solve the cases to help Darcy, the danger heats up. Will she be able to ensure Darcy's safety before someone close to her gets hurt? Will she be able to protect herself?

This is the first Sharon McCone mystery I have read, although I understand that this is the latest in a long series. That being said, I wasn't lost as I thought I would be. Muller does a fantastic job of giving just enough character backstory, that it all made sense and could be read as a standalone. The plot twists and turns are remarkable, leading this reader into places unforeseen. I really enjoyed it and believe other mystery readers will enjoy it as well!

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