Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amongst My Enemies by William F. Brown

Mike Randall's bomber went down in Germany during the war. He and his friend Eddie survive for months as slave labor in the freezing battle scarred land. Eventually, Eddie succumbs to frostbite, and Mike is more determined than ever to survive. He promised Eddie he would visit his family and let them know what really happened, and he aims to keep it.

A high ranking officer of the 3rd Reich purloins an old U-boat to haul millions of dollars’ worth of artifacts and gold for his own personal reasons. Fortunately for Mike, he escapes his labor truck and stows away on the submarine before it leaves. The captain finds him, a German who doesn't agree with the politics but wants to stay alive, and he gives Mike mercy - food, shelter, warmth. He also puts Mike on a black rubber raft near the shores of Sweden, neutral territory where Mike can eventually find his way home. But while Mike was on the raft, the U-boat, surfaced, is bombed by overhead jets. There are no survivors.

Mike spends time in Sweden then eventually makes his way home to America, to Eddie's house. There, he falls in love with Eddie's sister Leslie, even though he doesn't pursue the relationship. After all he has been through; he can't imagine pulling anyone else into his nightmares. Then, something surprising happens. The captain of the U-boat Mike was on is touring and making a stop in New York. Mike was sure he was dead, so he immediately wants to go see him and to thank him for his chance.

When Mike confronts the man, he acts surprised. Mike is sure that it is an imposter. With the help of Manny, a retired police detective, Mike divulges what he knows. But before they can investigate, there is an attempt on Mike's life. Not sure what is going on, Manny implores Mike that he needs to go back to Sweden and find the U-boat.

Mike can't even remember where the U-boat went down; just a vague idea. With Leslie and Manny with him though, he decides to give it a shot. Will he live long enough to find it? With some wanting gold, some wanting proof that there is a spy inside NATO and some just wanting Mike and his friends dead, there is a lot of ducking and conniving to outsmart them, but will they? How high of a cost are they willing to pay?

Amongst My Enemies is an intelligent, powerful and thought-provoking adventure. A tale rich in history unfolds, leaving the reader begging for more. Brown's characters are compelling, sharp and authentic. From freezing Germany to bustling New York to the fishing wharves of Sweden, Brown takes the reader on an unforgettable journey. Suspense, murder, romance, heart-pumping action scenes and spectacular writing, Amongst My Enemies is one of the best old-fashioned adventures I've had the pleasure to read. Definitely pick this one up!

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