Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Signs of War by Gerard de Marigny

Signs of War is the second book in the Cris De Niro series. Fortunately, the author does a great job of catching the reader up with what happened in the first book in case you missed it. Therefore, Signs of War can be read as a standalone, but I highly urge you to read the first one - it's just that good.

Cris De Niro started a group called The Watchmen after 9/11 in the hope that they could help thwart terrorists. But when his good friend Charley Santappia, and the agency's Vice President of Operations, dies, Cris has second thoughts about the agency. Fortunately, his team reminds him why he created the agency, and Cris is back to business as usual.

The Watchmen become aware of a missiles deal between Venezuela and Iraq, thanks to an undercover ops against who goes against his commander's gag order and tells the agency about it. Now, the team must find out what is exactly going on and how much of a terrorist threat it is - then infiltrate, dismantle and destroy.

But nothing is every easy. An old friend of De Niro's calls needing help. British citizens have been kidnapped by Somali pirates and Cris's friend, David Nicholls wants Cris to rescue them. Then there is a call for help at Tohono O'odham Nation's reservation. Too much border infiltration and activity leads to The Watchmen becoming involved. For an agency that Cris was thinking of disbanding, they sure are busy! Cris spreads his team to cover all three missions, but they are all deadly and brimming with tension. Will they succeed and if so, at what cost?
Heart-stopping action, impossible decisions, a touch of romance, suspense, betrayal and courage set the tone for this thrilling installment in the Cris De Niro series. Gerard de Marigny writes with flair and attention to detail, ensnaring the reader in his web from the first page. If you enjoy political thrillers jam-packed with action and extraordinary characters, you won't want to miss Signs of War!

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