Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Hot Sky by Gordon Gumpertz

Ben Mason and Bertrand 'Shorty' Short have developed a program that can show what the planet will look like in the future. To use it, they use the newest ten computers that the nation uses for its defense. What they see shocks them. C02 buildup in the atmosphere has caused the weather to destabilize. After chaos reigns, the earth settles into high temperature conditions where almost nothing could survive. Only a few areas will have the water, areas no one habituates now.

Ben and Shorty, with the help of Ben's lover Claudine, implore the Senate that they must move immediately with the information - building pipelines and desalinating plants. Those who hold the water control the power and they believe it should be fairly distributed. However, Yuri, a Russian General who was reassigned for his political beliefs, hacks into their computer and uses that information for his own gain. Ben is directed by the CIA to block Yuri's plot, but his life is soon in peril and the climate change is rapidly approaching. Time is ticking.

Red Hot Sky is an adventure that will keep you thoroughly entertained, yet leave you thinking long after the last page is read. Short chapters make the pace quick and the characters are believable and relatable. Romance, mystery, science that even I can understand and sharp writing mesh together into a thrilling read!

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