Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coontz

Lucky O'Toole is the customer relations executive at the Babylon Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. She and her assistant work twenty hour days and still the job is never done. Living at work, she has no love life, nor does she really want one. Her mother owns one of the most profitable whorehouses in the country and she doesn't want to end up like her mom, broken hearted and alone.

When an acquaintance falls to her death from one of the casino's planes, Lucky immediately begins to investigate. It won't do for the Babylon to get a flaw on their impeccable reputation. The more she investigates, the more she realizes it was no accident; it was murder. With the casino about to embark on their busiest week of the season, she knows she has to help the police wrap it up quickly and quietly.

Teddie is a heterosexual who dresses as a woman and performs one of the best shows the Babylon has. He's also Lucky's best friend, but he wants more. She has deep feelings for Teddy but is afraid to deepen their relationship. She's afraid if things go south, she'll lose her best friend. Meanwhile, security at the Babylon has hired a new employee, Paxton Dane. He's a cool drink of waterand although she might be interested, she's not sure of his intentions. His name has come up in her investigation, and she isn't sure if he is a good guy or a bad guy.

When Lucky learns that her boss, the owner of the Babylon, was in the airplane at the time of the victim's jump, Lucky kicks up her investigation a few notches. An old flame of Lucky's has contacted her and has subtly let her know that her boss is about to go down for the murder. Subsequently, the Babylon will be up for grabs. Adamant about keeping her job, her sanity and her libido under control, Lucky is about to discover how far she is willing to go to keep those she loves safe.

WANNA GET LUCKY? is a highly entertaining read! I couldn't put it down. The characters are eccentric, erratic and lovable. Lucky is the glue that holds everything together and when shebegins to unstick, the pieces fall in the most unsuspecting ways. Glamorous, hilarious, mysterious and romantic, WANNA GET LUCKY? is a fabulous read that I can't recommend high enough. I can't wait to read the next one, LUCKY STIFF.


  1. Wow...this book sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing & giving us a chance to win a copy Wendy!

    Robin in NC
    RW620 AT aol DOT com

  2. I love different mystery stories and this one sure sounds different. I'd love to win.


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