Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Devil Named Desire by Terri Garey

Samuel 'Sammy' Divine is a fallen angel, the devil. His brother, Gabriel, is an archangel and still in heaven's good graces. Gabriel knows that his brother Sammy isn't all bad,  but he can't keep from nagging him to do better. So when the chance arises for Sammy to get back at Gabriel, he takes it.

Hope Henderson's sister is missing and her devastation leads her to a suicide attempt. Sammy jumps in at the right moment to offer Hope a deal. He'll help her find her sister, if she will do something for him. All she has to do is create a website that will allow his demon followers to enter the human world. Hope takes the deal without even thinking of the consequences.

One of Gabriel's jobs is to protect Hope, much to Sammy's dismay and glee. But what Gabriel doesn't count on is his feelings for Hope. When Gabriel is stripped of his wings and made mortal, he is tormented and conflicted. Sammy is used to being the bad boy, so he isn't sure why he feels any regret for setting his brother up like that. But later, when Sammy's son, Cain, is kidnapped, only Gabriel can save him. But why would he bother when Sammy has cost him so much?

With romance, family relationships and beliefs, A DEVIL NAMED DESIRE is a great addition to author Terri Garey's the DEVIL'S BARGAIN series. This installment can be read as a standalone, but you won't want to miss the fun in the first book, DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE. There is much character development in this installment, namely with Sammy, but also the author explores the lines of forgiveness, love and redemption. With a few laughs, clever writing and lively characters, A DEVIL NAMED DESIRE is a must read for paranormal romance fans!

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