Friday, August 31, 2012

Dancing in the Storm by Shelly Maguire and Beth Huffman

What turns an angry adolescent and then a defiant teenager into an indomitable businesswoman who faced so many obstacles in life that she defied all odds for success? Told at the age of nine that she had a lethal disease that could take her life by the age of 18, for Shelly Maguire this was all she had to hear to push herself to the limits and stop at nothing to reach her goals. Written with heart-pounding honesty and delicious humor, Dancing in the Storm takes the reader along on an emotional roller coaster ride through Shelly Maguire s multi-faceted career from the classroom to the boardroom. An entrepreneur, founder of multiple start-up companies and a skin care developer for several large companies, Shelly takes you inside the world of business, live TV (HSN) and infomercials. This TV and radio personality spells out her formula for success. Think like a child - - they never take no for an answer. You ll be startled and amazed at her confessions and grit, and then wish she were your best friend. Read how one serendipitous moment at a stop light, was the start of a love story many only dream about. 

Dancing in the Storm is about how Shelly took a dire diagnosis and changed her whole life.  Written in an email format, the reader comes to know Shelly, Beth and Frankie, as well as other members of Shelly's family.  She's a courageous and inspiring person whom's strength shines through this novel.  I've not met anyone personally with cystic fibrosis, but I've seen and heard the tales of the pain, anguish and eventually death.  To be given that information and then to take it and rise above it, finding joy in things we take for granted and living a full and challenging life.  I definitely recommend this novel, a true story of Shelly with anyone who has suffered from a challenging life situation or knows someone who is. It's truly inspiring, making you want to remember to count your blessings everyday!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for  Media Guest Tours

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  1. This isn't normally the genre I read. But, it sounds very interesting. I would love to read this book.;)


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