Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect Lies by Jennifer Crow

Jennifer Crow seemed to have everything: a beautiful family, a music career, and a thriving ministry. Yet she was constantly trying to keep her life together, fighting against the secret fears that churned through her mind. Then she found herself in a major health crisis; her doctors were confounded. And she realized that her constant negative thoughts—key lies she had come to believe about herself—were literally crippling her body, mind, and soul.

In Perfect Lies, Jennifer reveals the lies that held her back, walks us through her journey of miraculous recovery, helps us to identify these lies in our own lives, and shares practical techniques for overcoming them and finding true freedom instead.

 Perfect Lies is an inspiring novel of how to stop lying to ourselves so we are healthier, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Have you ever felt like you had to prove yourself to others and if you didn't, your worth was not as high? Lie. 

The Nine Lies that Crow sets out to prove are wrong.  

I Am Unlovable
I Am Worthless
I Am Unacceptable
I Am Unable
I Am A Target
I Am Not Angry
I Am Bad
I Am In Danger

I Am Deprived

By dismissing these lies and focusing on our scripture and the truth, it will change your life completely.  We've all believed one or more of these lies at some point in our lives and if there is a way to change our mindset so we can live a fuller, more healthier life, then why not?

Jennifer's struggles, physically and spiritually, are journeyed in this book that will inspire you and tug at your heart.    With steps to how to practice meditative prayer and other techniques, this book is a very valuable resource.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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