Thursday, August 9, 2012

Soda Stream Review

I've been admiring from afar the Soda Stream for quite some time now. I fortunately had the chance to review one and I wish I had gotten one sooner! We drink soda in our house, but we also like flavored water, so the Soda Stream is a new staple on my kitchen counter.

The carbonate cartridge easily pops into the system.  Using one of the bottles provided, you fill it with water, twist into the system, a few pushes and the water is carbonated.  It will buzz to let you know when it is done.  Then you take the syrup that you prefer, pour it in and you have soda! It's very economical and there are so many flavors to choose from.

These are just a handful, but so far, our favorites are the cola and the rootbeer.  We made rootbeer floats - yummy! We are still going through all of the flavors and having so much fun! It's definitely cheaper than buying soda and it's so handy.  Definitely love it and highly recommend!!

*I received a soda stream to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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