Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood

When FBI agent Grayson Kincaid first encounters Olivia MacKenzie, she makes quite an impression.

The beautiful, tough, young attorney has stumbled into the middle of an FBI sting operation and has reduced it to chaos. Months of surveillance and careful planning down the drain, Kincaid’s partner is furious and lets Olivia know that she’s ticked off the wrong guy. After all, he’s FBI.

Olivia isn’t intimidated by his partner’s bullying because she’s something even scarier . . . she’s IRS.

And working for the IRS isn’t for the faint of heart. She’s on the trail of an elaborate Ponzi scheme, one that threatens to ruin the lives of naive and unsuspecting victims, and one she has personal reasons to be angry about. But after she asks questions of the wrong people, her life is suddenly endangered. She’s accustomed to fighting for the underdog but being vulnerable herself is a very different story. Smart enough to know when to call for reinforcements, she contacts Grayson Kincaid.

Together they make an excellent team to fight corruption but Olivia is also fighting the immediate and intense attraction she feels for Agent Kincaid, and that may be a battle she is bound to lose.

When Olivia was young, she had a terminal disease.  She and the other 'Pips' became fast friends and have remained so as they grew into adulthood.  Three of them are in remission and one is doing ok as long as she gets blood transfusions regularly.  But being so sick, Olivia's family pretty much think her frail and don't take time for her.  She considers her aunt her most closest family.

What Olivia would like more than anything is to take down her father.  She believes him corrupt and her goal is to bring him and his schemes down like a tower of cards.  She becomes IRS and with her skill and smarts, she just needs to find the right person to investigate to get her foot in the door.  Right now, no one is saying anything she can use against her father.

When she is assaulted at a job interview by a man believing Olivia is wired, the FBI is called in.  Grayson Kincaid can't keep his eyes off of Olivia and reaches out to do more questioning over the weekend.  By the end of their questioning, they are crazy for one another.

Then, someone who knows Olivia has been trying to infiltrate her father's business begins to threaten and target her life.  Can Grayson keep her safe while she tries to reach her goal?  Their chemistry sizzles and their dialogue is very entertaining.  However, the romance far exceeds the suspense by this best-selling author.  I did find the book enjoyable, even though I didn't find myself heavily invested in the outcome.  It would be a great beachread!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a great mix of crime and romance!

  3. Some friends and I just started a book club and this could make a great pick for our next read. I'll have to add it to the list.


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