Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Last Israelis by Noah Beck

From Amazon - Iran has threatened to destroy Israel while actively developing the nuclear means to do so. Israel’s Prime Minister is suddenly hospitalized -- shortly after learning that Iran is just a week away from entering the so-called “zone of immunity” by transferring key components of its nuclear weapons program into a mountain impervious to attack by Israeli jets. 

Israel’s "second-strike" answer to the existential threat posed by a nuclear Iran is a powerful submarine armed with nuclear-tipped missiles that can strike targets 930 miles away. A gripping cautionary tale about a nuclear Iran, "The Last Israelis" takes a suspense-filled ride aboard the Dolphin submarine.

If you like reading military thrillers, then The Last Israelis should be added to your wishlist. From the opening pages throughout until the powerful conclusion, The Last Israelis is thrilling, engaging, shocking and thought-provoking.

With the Prime Minister of Israel hospitalized, it's a perfect time for Iran to make good on their threat of taking care of Israel once and for all with their nuclear weapons that are almost complete. That's when the Dolphin, an Islraelis submarine, is called back to reassemble for a mission of their own.

Daniel Zion, who is captain, and thirty-four other men, all from different walks of life, become the crew of the sub. All of the men have their own beliefs and thoughts of what is happening and what should happen, and the sub fills with hate and distrust among them.

Meanwhile, while they are under water, they lose contact with Naval Command. Now, they have to decide if they should go ahead with their orders of setting off missiles or not. But leading up to this decision is a journey of epic proportions - the men have dreams that are hard to distinguish between reality, there is an enemy sub in the waters, a fire and more. It's a treacherous and realistic adventure that will give you thrills and chills.

Noah Beck has written such a multi-faceted novel; one filled with politics, life-altering choices, back-to-back action and compelling characters. I could easily see this novel made into a movie - it's so vivid and surreal. Riveting, exciting and too close for comfort, The Last Israelis is a well-written novel that is sure to be a best-seller. I finished days ago and I'm still absorbing everything. It's definitely impactive!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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