Sunday, October 28, 2012

Penthouse Man by Kea Noli

A socialite lives in a world of fantasy as she controls her husband—the Penthouse Man—and her sister. 

Stephanie loves the world of fantasy. Trix loves the real world.
The sisters battle for control of a lingerie company, for pajamas and lingerie . . . and for the Penthouse Man. Reality catches up when Trix reads a letter that destroys Stephanie's power. Trix loves her sister's husband—the Penthouse Man.

He is nowhere to be seen but his presence is felt everywhere. 

Controversy: A sister is in love with her sister’s husband.

This novella is jam-packed with family drama and is very fast-paced.  The book is almost all dialogue, much like a screenplay.  But, the story unfolds as we are introduced to the family and the multi-million dollar business that they all want a piece of.  Not to mention that Trix desires her sister Stephanie's husband, Vell.  

Women can be catty, yes I'm one of them.  We can also be your best friend.  The dynamics of these women is very modern and easily relate-able on some levels.  Not having a multi-million dollar business and that sort of wealth, I can't relate to that.  But the sibling rivalry  Yes.  The way the women talk to others - sometimes.  That said, I thought Penthouse Man was a riveting read, and open to individual perception from the reader. I read it in one sitting - I really enjoyed it!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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