Sunday, October 28, 2012

Safekeeping by Karen Hesse

From Amazon - Radley’s parents had warned her that all hell would break loose if the American People's Party took power. And now, with the president assassinated and the government cracking down on citizens, the news is filled with images of vigilante groups, frenzied looting, and police raids. It seems as if all hell has broken loose.

Coming back from volunteering abroad, Radley just wants to get home to Vermont, and the comfort and safety of her parents. Travel restrictions and delays are worse than ever, and by the time Radley’s plane lands in New Hampshire, she’s been traveling for over twenty-four hours. Exhausted, she heads outside to find her parents—who always come, day or night, no matter when or where she lands—aren’t there.

Her cell phone is dead, her credit cards are worthless, and she doesn’t have the proper travel papers to cross state lines. Out of money and options, Radley starts walking. . . .

The United States shuts down and Radley, just home from helping out at Haiti, tries to get home.  But with no gas, banks, phones and etc, it makes it a bit tricky.  So she decides to walk and in doing so, she is able to  come to terms with a few things.  She realizes that she took some things for granted.  When she finally does make it home, no one is there.

She knows that the police are expecting papers when you cross state lines, so she decides she'll go to Canada and hopefully dodge them along the way.  She learns to become invisible, eating out of dumpsters and staying hidden in the woods, when she can. She eventually does run into someone, another girl and her dog.   The three of them make a home of sorts in the woods, just trying to survive, until she can make it to Canada and to her parents.

Safekeeping  isn't a dystopian book, it's a story on survival.  I quite enjoyed listening to this book and it's really not that long.  Just over four hours, over before I knew it because I was really intrigued in Radley's story.  I didn't expect the surprise ending, but I loved it.  I thought Radley was a well developed character and the story line was fresh and interesting.  

*I received a copy of this audio book in exchange for my own opinion. 

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