Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double Mayhem: A Seekers Mystery by Sam Berretti Review & Giveaway

DOUBLE MAYHEM propels the reader non-stop through 118,000 words of mystery, revelation, romance and action to an ending of pulse pounding triumph. They say for every person in the world there is a twin. For Doris Watson, that simple wisdom becomes a nightmare reality that threatens her and the ones she’s come to love.

An ex-military engineer who leads a quiet life as an appliance designer, she is recruited to perform one uncomplicated task: take a handoff of secret plans from a Chinese agent who believes she is someone else. Her lonely existence is shattered as headstrong men cross her path, dangerous men with dangerous needs and desires.

Suddenly embroiled in mob killings, espionage, and police investigations, she has become a billion-dollar target of sadistic crooks, bioterrorists, the FBI, the NSA, and her psychotic look-alike. It is up to her to protect herself and the mysterious psychic child who has been thrust into her life. No one is who they appear to be, and no one is telling the truth. A reluctant female MacGyver, she must use her ingenuity to escape certain death. Forced to uncover the secrets of her childhood, she must face a reality that has been buried and locked away in her mind.

Action, mystery, intriguing subplots, humor, heartwarming moments and a cast of highly memorable characters combine to introduce this unlikely and believable female heroine to a genre dominated by male-centric stereotypes. She is not a super spy, she is not a trained assassin, she is someone real and much more dangerous, a smart woman pushed into a corner.

Mystery, high stakes, a touch of the paranormal and a heroine you won't soon forget are just the tip of the iceberg in Berretti's Double Mayhem.  When I first started reading, I wasn't sure I was going to like it.  Doris was boring.  She just had no passion, goals or depth.  Or so I thought.  

She's in the wrong place at the wrong time, mistaken for someone else.  Before you know it, she's being chased by bad guys, with a psychic girl in her care and past is starting to come back to her.  There's humor, romance, paranormal, intrigue, mystic and more in this action packed mystery!

There is a lot to keep track of, so make sure you have some time to spend with Double Mayhem before you pick it up.  There are many characters (mostly bad guys and government agency people), as well as basically two storylines going on at once.  It all comes together in a smashing good way, but it takes a bit to get there.  However, it's well worth it! I'm hoping that this is the first in a new series, because I really want to see what Doris can get into next! The whole story was a roller-coaster of emotions and plot twists.  Highly recommend!

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