Thursday, February 13, 2014

NEW Dial® Vitamin Boost Body Wash Review & Giveaway!

NEW Dial® Vitamin Boost Body Wash gives your skin a daily boost of vitamins. The advanced formula contains a moisturizing Vitamin Complex, which helps draw moisture directly to your skin leaving your skin feeling so healthy and soft, people can't help but notice!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I'm a Caress user. I found a flavor and a feel that I fell in love with, and that's what I use all the time.  It's my favorite and I hate being without it.  That being said, I'm also a daredevil and up for the challenge of trying something new!  So, let's see how Dial's new body wash measured up!
It's Vitamin boost, lotion infused, with vitamin complex B.  Sounds fancy, right?  The scent I tried is kiwi. I love to eat it, but I really don't want to smell like it.  
For the sniff test, it was slightly kiwi, but a really light scent.  I could definitely smell it while bathing, but afterwards there was just a hint.  It was enough that I knew it was there, but not so much that I couldn't layer on perfume.  Right on!  Score one for Dial so far!
For the appeal test, I want to see if I like how it looks.  I'm not going to use slimy soap.  It lathers easily and definitely didn't feel slimy.  After rinsing,  I didn't have all sorts of nasty soap residue stuck to my skin.  It rinsed completely clean.
For the vitamin test, I don't have a skin vitamin tester handy here at home, so I'm just going to have to take your word for it, Dial!
The real draw to this body wash, in my opinion, is that it's lotion infused.  How can a body wash be infused with lotion?  Wouldn't the soap just wash it away?  Actually, I was really skeptical on this one, but those Dial people seem to know their stuff.  I don't know how it works, but it does.  You know after you've been at the beach a few hours and you feel like your skin is on fire and someone puts that wonderful soothing aloe on you?  That's how this feels after you've bathed!  It feels like someone has just replenished your entire body.  It sounds cliché, but it was like giving my skin a drink.  I could feel the difference for hours!  Also, it was a deep down sensation, not just surface area.  
I'm still keeping my Caress around, mostly because I'm in love with a certain scent, but I'm also going to start keeping my Dial around.  At least this one in particular.  In these winter weather months, my skin is so dry that no amount of lotion seems to help.  This actually does!  You get two thumbs up from me, Dial!

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  1. "Aren't you glad you use Dial?"--a longtime trusted brand name.

    After fighting the cold, the wind, and the more than a foot of snow outside my house, I am ready to be pampered and refreshed!


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