Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Life of Death: 9-12 by Weston Kincade

Detective Drummond traces his steps in the years since his childhood, but a mysterious serial killer who evaded the police for over fifteen years is still on the loose, annually performing ritual sacrifices and burning the victims. Alex’s skills at reliving the brutal murders are put to the test when so little is left of the victims. 

In the previous books we met Alex, who relives another person's death when touching an item they were touching when it happened.  In these books, Alex and Paige have a son, Jamie. Alex is concerned that possibly Jamie may have inherited a similar power.  Not only that, he's hot on the trail of a 15 year long serial killer.  No one has been closer to solving the case!  With the help of his friend, Jessie, Alex has a real shot at closing this one, that is, if he and his family can survive it.

I adore Alex!  I'm going back next to read books 1-4.  It's funny, because Alex makes a statement that what he goes through is sort of like starting at the end of a book and then going to the beginning.  He knows it all ends in death, because he's forced to live through each excruciating detail, but how the person wound up there and being able to prove it, isn't always easy.  Sometimes it's downright impossible.  The irony of the order in which I've been reading this books is not lost on me and I couldn't have picked a better set of books to do it with!  

In books 5-8, I was a little lost in the beginning trying to keep the characters straight.  This time, everything picked up right where it left off so it was really easy to just grab it and go.  I already knew and loved everything about the story and I was really anxious to get going.  There were some surprises for me though!  

We get another look at a different death.  This one winds through the background of the story, waiting for us to discover its depths.  Not only that, we get a fascinating trip to the Egyptology department.  Fascinating doesn't even begin to cover it!  I won't tell more because I don't want to insert any spoilers, but honestly, you must pick up and read the Life of Death books, even if it's only for this scene.  Believe me, you'll want to read it anyway, but this scene is the crowning glory and pure genius.  I actually went onto Facebook to follow Weston right after reading this because I was so impressed with it.

These last four books wrap up everything pretty nicely, but there's definitely room for more Alex.  I'm hoping Weston isn't finished with the story.  He's added some intriguing new elements that I'm anxious to explore.  Luckily for me, 12 wasn't left on a cliffhanger, so I can wait a week or two for him to get busy writing.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an  honest review. Shawn

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