Thursday, March 20, 2014

Super Pretzel Nacho Pretzels‏

I've been a fan of soft pretzels for a long time.  You open the package, pop in the microwave, and sink your teeth into bliss.  I love the cheddar cheese ones.  So tasty!  When we saw they came out with Nacho Cheese, we had to give it a try.

We still had the same great ease.  Tear open the box and pop in the microwave.  In less than two minutes we had a huge plate of steaming, soft pretzels filled with tasty cheese.  The nacho cheese inside has the great nacho taste but without all those horrible hunks of pepper.  I snuck one off the plate and popped into my mouth before the kids could hear the microwave ding, and I'm thankful I did!  First, it was delicious!  Soft, chewy, salty pretzel with a burst of hot nacho cheese.  

The kids brought the empty plate back less than five minutes after walking off with it.  My older son said that the Nacho Cheese Softstix have replaced pumpkin pie as his favorite food!  That's saying quite a lot since he's had the same favorite food for twelve years.  He and his friends have gotten into the habit of asking me to buy a box a week for them so they have a handy snack during their game time.  

I love the convenience as well as the ingredients. They're made with wheat flour and real cheese.  It's better than homemade because it's as healthy, but without all the mess and the work.  Not only that, a box of them costs about the same as two king size candy bars!  

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*I received complimentary review item in exchange for my honest opinion.  Shawn

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