Friday, March 28, 2014

Dragontamer's Daughters, Part 2: Stormcaller by Kenton Kilgore

The story of the dragontamer's daughters continues. After finding and tending a small, injured dragon, sisters Isabella and Alijandra try to keep "Pearl," as they call her, a secret. But others find out, and want Pearl-and her powers-for their own purposes. As time goes by, the girls learn more about those powers, and about Pearl. But time is running out for them, their family, and for Pearl herself. Soon, they will be forced to contend with the native people on whose lands they live. With the ambitious governor whose soldiers hunt the girls' father. With a man who has no name but wields immense, eerie powers. With Pearl's yearning to fulfill the journey that accidentally brought her to the girls. And with their own dreams and wishes for a life they once lived-and might live again.

In the first Dragontamer's Daughter, we met Ali and Isabella.  They live under assumed names with their family since their father is a wanted criminal, as well as a famed Dragontamer.  Ali, who is 7, one day finds an injured little dragon who she immediately decides must be nursed back to health.  While Papa Dragontamer is off looking for a dragon to tame, since the family is in dire need of money, the rest of the family spends their days nursing Pearl, the dragon, back to health.

In this book, Papa returns to find Pearl and decides to attempt to train her.  When he has little success, he attempts to teach Ali to train Pearl.  In the meantime, we have  cast of characters in the background that are all seeking to either take Pearl or turn in Papa to the authorities.  We also have an ages old threat that appeared in the first book. This threat, known as the Dragonkiller, has made Papa his target and intends to find him, and end him.  

It all sounds dramatic, doesn't it?  It is!  I really enjoyed the first book but as soon as I picked up the second, I was just riveted.  Most of the characters are set in the first book and they continue through the second.  We begin with several mysteries that aren't solved until the second.  The first book sets the stage for an unlikely friendship and the second consummates it.  

From the direction of dragons, this is a little different than most books and lore that I've read.  These dragons have different characteristics and new species that I've never heard of.  In the end, the reality of the dragon's life was one that I'd not expected.  It threw me off, but I found it to be beautiful and sad, a truly epic story of Pearl's life.

As a character study, it was quite fascinating.  Each character is looking at the situations from a different perspective and with different hopes and goals.  We get some serious time in the past of most of the adult characters, allowing us to get to know them better.  It's interesting to watch them passing wisdom that they've learned on to the children.

If you enjoy the paranormal, myths,family, mystery,different ethnicities, politics or religion, this could be a good choice for you.  This book can be enjoyed as a pure work of fantasy or you can sit back and pick it apart and learn quite a bit.  Though there are some 'scary' action parts, I can see this being a safe book for young adults as well as a great read for any adult.  Also, some of you will be fascinated by the local 'laws' where the family is living.  They believe that the women own everything.  In order for a family to sell anything, the woman must make the decision since legally everything belongs to her.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Shawn

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