Saturday, March 29, 2014

Resvitale Collagen Hydra Plump with Ceramides‏

These pills from Resvitale are formulated to restore skin's moisture barrier, replenish protective Ceramide lipids and boost fullness with BioCell Collagen.  It is recommended that you take one capsule twice daily.  The bottle size contains 30 capsules, so basically two weeks worth.  

Important:  If you have wheat allergies, do not take this product!

Having used Resvitale before, I began with a great opinion. My previous use resulted in healthier looking skin that was plump and soft.  It even healed my Psoriasis as an unmarketed added bonus.  My skin felt constantly moisturized, even in the middle of winter, when dry skin is a problem for most of us.  I didn't have the same astounding results this time, but I think that was mostly due to human error.

Before, I used Resvitale powder.  It was odorless and tasteless and easy to use.  I put one scoop in my bottle of water in the morning, shook it up, and drank it throughout the day.  I could even prepare my water the night before so that it was as simple as opening the bottle and drinking it.  The capsules really make a difference.  First, I had difficult remembering to take them twice a day.  I tried moving them to different spots in the kitchen, but nothing seemed to remind me.  I even tried putting them in the refrigerator next to my water bottle, but I would realize hours later that I'd grabbed my water without even glancing at the capsules.  At that point, I'd go and take one.

The second issue I had was that the capsules are rather large and were difficult for me to swallow.  Each capsule is nearly an inch in length and a little over a quarter of an inch wide.  If you're used to swallowing larger sized pills, this may not be an issue for you.  

I attempted to break open the capsule in the hopes that it would be odorless and tasteless, but it had a bitterness to it.  My final solution was to open a capsule and add it to my water bottle along with a packet of water flavoring.  Citrusy flavors seemed to mask the taste the best.  Once I figured out this trick, I didn't have any issue getting my capsule intake each day. 

Resvitale makes incredible products.  My lack of serious results are not due to faulty product, but rather that the product doesn't fit my needs as well as some of their other products.  

*I received product in exchange for my honest review. Shawn

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