Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Amish Blacksmith by Mindy Starns Clark & Susan Meissner

Apprenticed blacksmith Jake Miller is skeptical of Priscilla Kinsinger's innate ability to soothe troubled horses, especially when he has own ideas on how to calm them. Six years earlier, Priscilla's mother died in an awful accident at home, and Priscilla's grief over losing her mother was so intense that she was sent to live with relatives in Indiana. She has just returned to Lancaster County. Not that her homecoming matters to Jake, who is interested in courting lighthearted Amanda Shetler. But Jake's boss is Priscilla's uncle, and when the man asks Jake to help his niece reconnect with community life, he has no choice but to do just that. Surprisingly, he finds himself slowly drawn to the beautiful but emotionally wounded Priscilla. Jake then determines to prove to her that it's not her fault her mother died, but what he discovers will challenge everything they both believe about the depth of love and the breadth of forgiveness.

The second book in the Men of Lancaster County is about Jake. Jake is Tyler's (Book 1) uncle, but they grew up as brothers.  Jake left his father's buggy shop because he wanted to be a farrier. He has a kinship with horses and yearns to open his own blacksmith shop one day. He's been apprenticing as a blacksmith shop and things have been going well.

Then one day the family welcomes home Priscilla. Priscilla's mom died years ago and Priscilla couldn't handle the grief so she was sent to live with relatives in another town. Now,she's back and Jake's boss has asked him and his girlfriend Amanda to make Priscilla feel welcome and get her interested in young people's activities. It's not exactly what Jake wants to do but he likes his job and he knows he must help out his community. If only Priscilla wasn't a volatile person. Rude one moment and quiet the next.

Jake is also working with horses on his downtime. He likes to find out what is wrong with them and help "cure" them. He knows they must be able to trust their owner and he works on building those relationships.  But no matter how hard Jake tries, with Amanda, Priscilla, or the horses, things begin to go awry in his life.

He needs to do some praying, make some changes, and unravel a few mysteries of his own as his life journey makes many changes.  A great addition to the series; I enjoy reading in the male's perspective.  I thought there was way too much horse information though. I did enjoy reading how things worked but it was a bit overkill. Also, Priscilla was a bit prickly which really took a while to like her character. But all in all, a good solid story and I look forward to the next in the series. 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wendy

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