Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Me? by Sarah Burleton

In the blink of an eye, Mom ran up behind me and pushed me into the fence. Instinctively, I reached out my arms to stop my fall and ended up grabbing the live fence. My hands clamped around the thin wires, and my body collapsed to the ground as the electricity coursed through it. I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing over me with the strangest smile on her face. “Oh, my God, I’m going to die!” I thought in panic.

Imagine never being able to close your eyes and remember the feel of your mother’s arms wrapped around you. Now imagine closing your eyes and remembering your mother’s tears splashing down on your face as she is on top of you, crying as she is trying to choke you to death. My mother left me these memories and many more during my traumatic childhood. After many years of struggling with trying to understand “Why Me?” I took back control of my life and started saying, “It was me, now what am I going to do?” The answer is my book, “Why Me?”. It is my childhood journey through the terrors of physical and mental abuse from first grade until the day I moved out. It is my way of letting the world know what was really going on behind closed doors. 

Sarah the main character is the author. She tells the story of her abuse growing up. Her mother never wanted her from the beginning and made her life a living hell with abuse. Her mother came close to killing her a few times. Sarah tells of physical and mental abuse from first grade until she finally got out of that house.

Everything that Sarah loved dies or went away. She was alone in the abuse with no help to get away. She finally rebelled to get away and save her life. Imagine if your mother was not your protector but the person who beat you, shamed you, and called you names.

Sarah witnessed her mother’s infidelity, had to keep secrets, and became anorexic to deal with her pain. Her mother had all control at all times over Sarah. Sarah’s mom taught and made her do unlawful things instead of teaching her ethics and morals.

Sarah tells her story of her abuse and has a goal of becoming an ambassador to children who are going through what she went through.This was a fast read of 106 pages. The abuse inflicted upon Sarah was surreal to me as a reader. I felt her emotions and pain. I kept thinking to myself what person let alone a mother does such things. Abuse hurts, mental and physical.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Knevits

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  1. I will never understand how a mother can abuse her child. This book sounds heartbreaking. Thanks for the review!


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