Meet The Team!

Wendy – Controller for local hotel, mother of two (empty nester), a spoiled cat named Morris and loves to read, color, paint and binge-watch netflix.

April - I am a stay at home wife and mom who loves reading, writing poetry, and painting in my spare time. I also enjoy doing crafts with my daughter and am always looking for new fun stuff to create together.

Regina - I am a schoolteacher who has been reading for pleasure for as long as I can remember. I started with the Little Golden Books and have graduated to everything else. I live in Southern California with two rotten cats, and I think the mountains of East Tennessee are the most beautiful places on Earth.  Find me on Goodreads - Gr8Smokies

Shawn – Mother of two who loves to read and spend as much time as possible with my Autistic son.

MalaikaI work for a non-profit agency in Los Angeles and spend most of my “free” time in my imaginary world, where I might be a witch, a police detective or a hacker on the run from the authorities; it depends on the day and what scarf I’m wearing.  I am a proud auntie to 11 amazing cuties and love music of all genres  -- from children’s music, to hard rock, to world, to bluegrass.  I will soon need to add on another room for my books and CDs.

Roberta  I have been reading since the 5th grade. The corner library was the place where everyone knew my name. My fondness for books is the reason I will not get an electronic device. I prefer the touch and smell of an actual book (and seeing how much I have to get to the end!).  

Katherine - Living single, working hard and enjoying where life takes me.....which seems to be to work or bed. I do love my sleep and a good novel.

William -  I'm a member of my local fire department and I work construction.  I enjoy reading just about anything as long as it's in an e-format.

Knevits -

April M - I am a stay at home wife and mother.  I babysit in my home. I have two sons and one stepson; ages 12, 10 and 1.  I fell in love with reading in high school when we read To Kill A Mockingbird.  My favorite genre is dystopian. 

Tiffany - I'm 35 and a stay at home mom and wife. I love to read any chance I get and I especially love to read things by new authors. My favorite kinds of books are self-help, inspirational, womens fiction (not romance unless that is secondary) biographies, paranormal, psychology, and classics. I love to give my honest opinion (good or bad). I love to give reviews because I feel not only will it help the reader determine if they want to read the book, but I feel that if the author gets to see the review that it can either encourage them and give them a little more confidence (good reviews) or it can help them learn where they might have gone wrong and they can learn from the reviews too (bad reviews).