Winner's Circle


$10 Amazon GC - Karrie Millheim
An Appetite for Violets - Debbie Wellenstein
While the Gods Were Sleeping - Nicole Choate
$10 Amazon GC & Ebook - Jason Joo
Dark Eden - Jackie Wisherd
$10 Amazon GC - Kim Keithline
The Island of Doves - Lisa Garrett
Silence the Dead - Topazshell Norman
The Other Typist - Alicia Ezell
The Terrorist's Daughter -  Myra C.
Scott's Liquid Gold - Marti Tabora
The Last Time I Saw You - Debbie Wellenstein
A Hundred Summers - Tarah Manning
Butter Bell Crock - Peggy Contestal
$10 Amazon GC - Julia Wellman
Ethel Merman and Me -  Linda Kish
$10 Amazon GC - Elaine G 8
Fallen Beauty - Annette Estell
Honor and Innocence - Danielle Schneider
The Dragon King - Pamela James
Kindle Book Light - Teresa Thompson
Ashes & Bone - Holly Biggs
Nothing Personal - Danielle Sweetie Hall
Seventeen - Denise Sachs
A Fall of Marigolds - Amy Fischer
Dial -  Kyhere Here,  Christie Kammerer
Bonefish Grill - Tammy Darling
Loreena McKennitt CD - James Coyne
Vaultz Mesh Bags -  Melanie Montgomery
I Love My Healed Heart - Tony Smoaks
Romance is in the air / $10 Amazon GC - Lisa Fisher Walker
Hearts on Fire/$10 Amazon GC - Lisa Pecora
Jewel of the East -  Trez Drake
Scott Sigler Series - Janet Montgomery
Gorton's - Allison Slupski
A Tricky Game - Cherry Mischivous
Fels Naptha - Laurie Emerson, Bryan Eason
Mountain of Light - Michelle Willms
The Vanishing Game - Jaime Cummings
Tandem - Danielle Guzzardi
Questions in the Silence - Natasha Donohoo
 $15 Amazon GC - Sky Sparkle
$10 Amazon GC - Inga Kaye
CleanSmart Sanitizer - Holly Biggs
Carmex Moisture Plus - Jessica Borges Kaufman
The Waking Dreamer - Danielle Schneider
A Madaris Bride for Christmas - Martha Lawson
Candlelight Christmas - Lisa Pecora
Double Mayhem - Candice Hull
$10 Amazon GC - Linda Lansford
Wearever Socks - Denise Sachs
Second Chances - Les Johnson
Piczzle - Lanicsha Wynn
The Widow Waltz - Anita Yancey
Sweet Nothings - Diane Sallans
The Wedding Gift - Victoria Zumbrum
Don't Look Now - Andrea Williams
Songs of Three Islands - April Parmalee
Bellman & Black, $10 Amazon GC -  Katiria Rodriguez
No Escape - June Manning
The Good Wife - Marissa 
A Wild Night's Bride by Victoria Vane- Shelly Hammond
Cover Your Hair - Maureen Carol
Wicked - Nicole Choate
Blackmoore - Onge
Immortals - Casi Carroll Usher
Darkness Lies in Winter -  Tara Woods, dv8, Ann Council
Longing for Home - Linda Kish
Confessions of a Shopaholic - Satchmo
Exposure - Maureen Carol
Demonosity - Renee Grandinetti
Cocktail Hour - Print - Laurie Goudge
Cocktail Hour - Ebook -  LaTanya Thornhill
Frozen - John Dallal
Can't Help Falling in Love - Melissa B.
The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Michelle Willms
Birthdays of a Princess - Kenia Cabrera
Game Drive -  Anita Yancey
Jaz & Miguel ebook - Les Johnson, Robin Knudsen Weiss
Jaz & Miguel Print -  Dena Paterson McMurdie
Sweet Salt Air - Marti Parks
$10 Amazon GC - Nara Lee
Daughters of Jerusalem - Kathryn Cort, Anne
From this Moment On - Becca Peters
The Reason - Dena McM, Sharon P, Cheryl R, Ron F, Brenda E
$25 Amazon GC - Misty Rios
The Clock of Life - Charlotte
Alex Woods - Denise Sachs
$10 Amazon GC - Gabbie Johnson
Persephone's Orchard - Maureen Carol
The Warner Grimoire - Sarah Corbin
In The After - Leeanna
Anti-Goddess - Sarah Kalaitzdis
Binding Agreement - Leni, Mihaela Day
The Ex - Beth Clark
Last Train to Omaha - Anita Yancey
Bella Andre Beach Bag - Leanne MacGregor
A Brother's Honor - Pam Bowen-Metz, Connie
A Man of Indeterminate Value - Meghan Stith
Powder Burn - Laurie Goudge
Impostor - Ashley Rogers
A Certain Summer - Maureen Carol
Sweet Oblivion - Sandra Lopez
Stories in Uniform - Margay Roberge
The Inventor's Secret - Kamla Data
Hillsong United CD - Sherry Strode
For Internal Use Only - Cher B, Emily Bowes
Lord of Darkness - Renee Grandinetti
A Knight on Horseback - Holly Letson
Furious by Jill Wolfson - Les Johnson
$10 Amazon GC - Sarah L
Otherkin - Jessica Noreault
A Wedding in Springtime - Shukra Dodanie
Sanctus Real CD - Kathryn Cort
Into the Dark - Beckey W
Forgive My Fins - Anita Yancey
Guestlist - Angela C
Wasteland - Tabathia
Purex with Fabric Softener - Sally, Cassandra McCann
Saturday Night Widows - Hannah Peasha
The Namesake - Meghan Stith
$10 Amazon GC - Kimberly Walters
Rapunzel Untangled - Leanne Goon
YogaHands - Shirley Zolenski
Otherborn - Kierra
Mila 2.0 - Tayte Hunter
Honey Bunches of Oats - Steve Weber, Wendy Allen
$5 Amazon GC - Tiffany Drew
Archon - Kelsey Opsahl
The Cyclone Wars - Kamli Data
Haunted Moon - Tobe Buffenbarger
The Good Daughter - Cheryl Smith
Purex Baby Crystals - Ciara King & Andrew Lesage
Checkmate, My Lord - bn100
Overdrive - Linda Kish
The Spark - Dena McMurdie
$10 Amazon GC - Winnie
2:32am - Kaitlyn Weaver
PearTree - James Beck
The Ambassador's Daughter - Laurie Goudge
Lovable Labels - AEKZ2
Sagaria - Natasha Donohoo
$5 Amazon GC - June Manning
The Syndicate - Lalaine Hagler
$25 Amazon GC - Carol Evans
Into the Dark - Jasmyn Novachek
It Stings So Sweet - Meghan Stith
An Heiress at Heart - Virginia Campbell
Midnight's Warrior - Anita Yancey
Shadora White Topaz Earrings - Cathy Marsh Casper
Sweet Tea & Secrets - Wall to Wall Books (Wendy)
20 Mule Team Borax - Laura Pruett, Hesper Fry, Valerie Mabrey
Follower Love ($10 Amazon GC) - Jasmyn Novachek
The Last Station Master - Lois Payton
The Burgess Boys - Carl Scott
Don't Turn Around - Sarah Corbin
The Namesake - Michael Capp
Phase+ - Mary Jacobowitz & Christina Holmes
Embrace - Bridget Howard
The Madman's Daughter - Tia
Exposure - Josey Haney Hink
Cure For Pain - Deborah Neal
Dinner at Deadmans - Jenny Cope
Spark Audiobook - Mindy Aptecker
Last Kiss Goodnight - Stacey Albers Cockrell
Mind Games - Brittany Utley
Where God Finds You - Belinda Shaw
Safe Haven - Marlena Fein
Blacksocks - Marti Parks
The Elementals - Holly Loveland
Foretold - Leni
Ateevia Botanica Prime - Caitlin McClure
Pedi Spa & Amazon GC - JennyC
The Dark Hunger - Suz Reads
Purex - Cynthia Conley, Steve Stavlo
The Madman's Daughter - Stephanie27
Treasury of Joy & Inspiration - Kathy Pease
Bic 4-Color Pen - Andrea Liss 
Blood Kissed Sky - Denise Sachs
UnMasking Maya (Chocolates) - Jennifer C
Recapture - Susan Voss
Everbound - Lisa Cory
Political Suicide - Jason D. Nickolay
Deliver Me From Temptation - Maureen Carol
The Devil's Garden - Cassandra McCann
The Miracle Inspector - Tabathia
Stitch - Letessha Williams
Louder than Words - Linda Kish
The Girl in the Wall - Carl Scott
Parnevu - Linda Lansford
Mia Mariu - Mary DeBorde
Tempestuous - Cassandra McCann
Emerson Creek Pottery - Jean Fischer
Enstroms - Sandra Clark
Warner Bros. Holiday Movie - Connie
Paramount Coffee - Debby Penny,Terra Heck, Nancy Schools,Kristy Thiel, Denise Sachs, Marjorie Takala
Mrs. Fields - Christine Lamunyon Jessamine
Jingle Jam (Earbuds & Olives) - Laura Burgess
Whispers at Moonrise - Jodi Frasier
Thunderstruck - Steve Weber 
A Christmas Home - Francine Anchondo
Ever After - Stephanie Huff
Libre Tea Glass - Dani Marie
Gifts of the Peramangk - Renee Grandinetti
Lunch With Buddha - Allie Rain Dole
Tickle Me Plant Seeds - Jammie Morey 
Slice of Life Spa Basket - Betty Curran
Canvas Press - Tanya White
Bebo Norman CD - Meradeth Houston Snow
Royal Royal CD - Sandra Christine Lopez
Vinyl Disorder - Diana Stanhope
I Am Lucky Bird - Norma Turvey
A Walk in the Park - Judy Cauthan
Peartree Greetings - Stephanie Grant
WondaWedge - June Manning
Middle Ground - Jolene A
Winning for Thanksgiving Hop - Mayla Moore

BookWedge - cait045
Love Travels Forever - Holly Letson
One Moment in Time - Linda Kish
J.S. Watts Giveaway - Darlene Ysaguirre
Nutcracker - Carl Scott
Two and Twenty Dark Tales - Stephanie27
GPS With Benefits - Valerie
Fracture - William
Suspend - Ruth Anderson
Girl in the Wall - Kelly McKay
Enchanted by Starlight - Denise Sachs
Skoy Cloths - Stephanie Larison
Larissa Ione - Trez Drake
SuperPretzel - Connie Bolick Lee
An Heiress at Heart - Mary Calabrese
Ice Cold -April Kirkland
Five Finger Tees - Cassandra McCann
The Warrior by Margaret Mallory - Maureen Carol and Sue Barney
Jeremy Camp CD - Apple Blossom
U Star Novels - Jenny Quimby
The Shortest Way Home - Krista Grandstaff
The Girl on the Cliff - Natasha
Josh Wilson Noel CD - Virginia Campbell
Welcoming Winter Hop - Kerrific Kerr
Statz - Nicole Taylor Choate 
Pine Bros Drops - Maureen Carol, Trez Drake, Linda Kish, Kristen Morris
Country Bobs - Nikki Davis
Slap Koozie - Paul Tran
Hillsong - Trez Drake
Falling in Love with Books Hop - Marie Haney GC - Stephanie Larison
Purex - Nicole-Lynn,  Mindy McCrea
Otherkin - Holly Hewett
Blueprint for World Domination (3): Buddy Garrett, Claire, Jamie Leigh Martin
Wicked After Dark Giveaway Hop : Saver Sara
October New Release Hop - Zom-B - Tara T.
Saving Each Other - Lauren Terry Mackesy
The Neighbors - Jennifer Spence Mill-Irving
The Athena Effect - Ebook & Necklace - James Coyne
The Athena Effect - Ebook - Linda Kish
Wicked Romance Hop - Elaing8
Run the Risk - Fiery Na
Soldier Hill - Tony Smoaks & Mandie McBride
Tears Water the Seeds of Hope - Paul Tran
Fall Into Fantasy - Jenny C
Eden Baylee Book Choice - Nuzaifa
Dare to Be Scared Hop - Tabithia