Monday, May 18, 2009

Mailbox Monday

This weekly meme comes from Marcia at The Printed Page. It's always fun to see what everyone got last week and then to add to the towering TBR pile afterward. Join in and add a link to all the great books you received.

The Road to Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 2) by Jackie Kessler

From PBS

Description: Jesse may no longer be a soul-stealing succubus, but she's got a Hell of a past. She'd love to come clean to her sweet, super-hot boyfriend Paul, but how exactly does a girl start that conversation? There's no name tag that reads: "I Used to Have Sex with Men before Taking Their Souls to the Lake of Fire--Ask Me How!" Just like some people are worth being monogamous for (shudder), some secrets are worth keeping. Like the fact that bad boy incubus Daunuan keeps popping up from the Underworld to put some toe-curling moves on her; that her former associates are trying to strong-arm her back into the fold; and that every supernatural entity on the planet seems to want to have a conversation with her in the bathroom. But someone in the Underworld isn't ready to play nice (go figure), and this time, the stakes are nothing less than Paul's immortal soul.

Triple Cross by Mark. T. Sullivan
Received to Review

Description: New Year’s Eve finds half a dozen of the richest men in the world celebrating at the Jefferson Club, a spectacularly exclusive private club in the mountains of Montana. But the celebration is halted by a helicopter assault by the Third Position Army, a group that says it is revolting against “corporate tyranny.” Most of the guests are freed, but the financial barons are held for trial by a people’s court, and the trials are webcast live, as the FBI marshals a counter-terrorist force. But after the presentation of evidence at the trials, the world is invited to vote for guilt or innocence, and the “guilty” plutocrats are dispatched—on camera—in novel and grisly ways. Terrorism meets reality TV.

A Drop of Red (Vampire Babylon) by Chris Marie Green

From PBS

Description: Hollywood stuntwoman-turned-vampire-hunter Dawn Madison, along with her comrades, managed to wipe out the Los Angeles Vampire Underground—and uncovered not only her own dark family heritage but also a terrible truth about the man she loves. Now she’s determined to find the next vampire lair, hoping it will help her to make more sense out of her life.
When a new Underground is found in England, Dawn and a vampire-fighting team are dispatched to carry the fight to the enemy in London. Dawn knows by now how deceiving appearances can be—and she is about to find out that it’s not only the beautiful people of Hollywood who are willing to bargain with evil…

Worst Nightmares by Shane Briant

Received for Review

Description: Dermot Nolan is an award-winning bestselling author who seems to have it all—a successful career, fame, fortune, and a beautiful wife. Between the royalties coming in from his most recent book and the revenue he has received from the film company that bought the rights, Dermot seems every bit the literary darling.And yet, for the last year, he has suffered from a bout of writer’s block, and in the process has grossly overspent his income. So when Dermot comes across an unsolicited manuscript stuffed into his mailbox, he cannot help but feel intrigued. It tells the story of the homicidal “Dream Healer,” who snares his victims via his website,, seduces them into revealing their innermost fears, and then kills them by revisiting their very own nightmares upon them.Dermot, with the help of his wife, begins to rework the novel, while simultaneously researching the individual dream stories. In his search, he very slowly begins to realize that the novel may not be entirely fictional, that these poor characters may have perished at the hands of a twisted torturer. Could the Dreamhealer be real? Could these innocent cyber-surfers have fallen victim to a raving maniac? Just how far is fact from fiction? And could Dermot be writing his own ticket to death...his very own worst nightmare?

What did you get in your mailbox?


  1. You always find such great books Wendy!

    I hope you enjoy them. I'm going to participate in that meme one of these days. It's a really cool one.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warm Regards

  2. looks like some great books...I love your blog design...gorgeous!

  3. Enjoy all those books!

    By the way, it's taken me awhile to make the rounds, but I wanted to let you know you have an award to pick up on my blog.

  4. I don't know any of those books, but I gotta say that I love the new layout of your blog!

  5. Great selection of books. Happy reading! My mailbox is here.

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