Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prey by Rachel Vincent

Just because the Pride believes her lover to be dead, Faythe won’t give up. It’s matters of the heart that give us real strength.

Faythe, a were-tabby, is anticipating a much awaited visit with her exiled boyfriend, Marc. Marc was exiled a few months ago from the Pride and is now living in the free territory. Since they need to take Manx, a were-tabby, through the free territory for her trial of murder, Faythe jumps at the chance to see Marc. Even Manx’s newborn baby’s crying does nothing to hinder Faythe from her excitement. Of course, Faythe is worried about Kaycee, a young female teenager in her care, who is getting sick because she refuses to shift into her werewolf form. She is also worried about her Alpha, her father, whose authority is in question by the council. But her much anticipated reunion with Marc is short-lived when they are attacked by a band of rogue werewolves.

Faythe’s reunion with Marc is short-lived, not because of the attack on them, but because Kaycee has fallen deathly ill. Faythe must get her to shift shape to save her life, so she leaves Marc behind to investigate the rogue attack, and goes home to Kaycee. But another attack happens at home, and one of their own is killed. Faythe is devastated by their loss, but still puts her own emotions on hold while she urges Kaycee to shift shape. But in the midst of all emotions running high, Faythe receives a life-altering phone call. Marc has been attacked and taken. She is in a race against the clock to find him before he is declared dead; sixty hours.

I absolutely love this series! Prey is filled with adrenaline-rushed fights, emotionally driven characters, and a plot so solid, you’ll be up far into the night turning the pages. Faythe is as sassy as ever, but her character reveals more depth in this installment. Prey will have you clawing for more!

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  1. I can't wait to read this book! I've already read the first 3 in this series, and I loved them. Your so lucky to have been able to review it!



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