Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Treasures of Venice by Loucinda McGary

Beautiful, stunning jewelry has many uses. It can accent beauty, save someone's life, or even lead you to your soul mate.

Samantha Lewis is an American librarian on a tour through Venice to help heal her broken heart. Her fiance recently dumped her for another woman. Even though the beauty of Venice take's Samantha's breath away, she is stunned when Keirnan Fitzgerald grabs her hand at an outside cafe one day and pulls her to a local museum. When he shows her one of his favorite pieces, a painting of Seraphina Lombardo, Samantha is taken aback. Her mind flashes back to a memory of the past, years before Samantha was born. Confused, she shakes it off, and pays attention to the handsome man holding her hand. She is attracted to him, but still unsure whether to trust him. When they are followed shortly afterward, Samantha demands to know what is going on.

Keirnan Fitzgerald is a charming Irish rogue who has perfected the skill of lock-picking. When he spies Samantha at a local cafe, he is bewitched. Drawn to her, he makes his acquaintance with his charm and good looks. Keirnan doesn't know what possessed him to show Samantha his favorite painting. He has never shown it to anyone before, but there is something familiar to him about Samantha. But when they are followed upon their departure, Keirnan is scared to get Samantha involved, and he tries to push her away. However, Samantha is determined to help Keirnan, and before long, he fills her in. Keirnan's sister, Kathleen, has been kidnapped and her ransom is the Jewels of the Madonna, rumored to be a legend.

Kiernan's research has yet to reveal the Jewels, and his deadline is approaching quickly. When he calls the kidnappers to negotiate, they slice off one of Kathleen's fingers. Horrified, Kiernan returns to the hotel room he is sharing with Samantha. Samantha does a bit of her own investigating into the legend, but before she can fill Kiernan in on her thoughts, he disappears on a mission of his own. She looks for him in the canals and palazzos of beautiful and romantic Venice, but she can't find him. Worried about him, but yet still insecure about their feelings for one another, she books the next flight to Rome to re-join her tour group. But the question still remains for Samantha on whether she and Kiernan are soul mates from a previous life or if she is just being used in a quest for treasure. She'll have to think with her heart to help Keirnan, and perhaps herself.

The Treasures of Venice is a captivating story of romance, suspense, and historical legend. Painted against a beautiful backdrop of romantic Venice, Loucinda McGary quickly draws you in with the legend of the Jewels of the Madonna. The suspense mounts as the legend is unfolded, and the characters are drawn vividly and honest, full of courage and integrity. I was entranced from page one and loved it!

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