Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soul Catcher by Leigh Bridger

Award winning author Deb Smith brings us a new paranormal series written under the name of Leigh Bridger.

Livia Belane is a Soul Catcher. She is able to see and banish demons back to hell. When she banishes one particular demon who is about to wipe out her whole town with the pox, it sets forth a chain of events that last for centuries. The demon is the soul mate of another demon called Pig Face who vows to kill Livia and all her loved ones in every life they live in revenge.

Livia never remembers who she is until it's almost too late. In each new life, she and her loved ones are killed by the demon. But in this particular life, Leigh starts to gain memories of her past lives and uses them as a tool to regain her full powers of Soul Catching.

When she is almost killed, she calls out for Ian to help her. Ian is her husband through all their lives, and he is a Soul Jumper. His form is never the same, he claims a body as the soul leaves. But even though he is anxious to see his soul mate Livia, she cringes from him. Because in this particular life, he's taken the form of the man who almost killed Livia.

Livia and Ian have such a beautiful love shown through their memories of lives past. Soul Catcher is a new twist to the paranormal genre with how the soul is reincarnated and that soul mates always find one another. Livia is a strong character, and Ian compliments her perfectly. It took me awhile to get the chain of events right in my head the way the story is written, but it's written that way to unveil truths as the plot unfolds. I'll definitely be picking up the next one.


  1. Great review! I have this one on my TBR pile, and can't wait to get into the story.

  2. I love my paranormals! Thanks for the great review, I have put this book on my WL.

  3. You reviewed it well. I didn't like it much. I have linked your review with mine. Here is my review of Soul Catcher. You too can link to your if you wish.


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