Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wally the Walking Fish Meets Madison and Cooper by Gary Lamit

Young Madison and her dog Cooper are out fishing one day when Madison's rod gets a nibble. She never keeps what she catches, much to the dismay of Cooper's always hungry stomach. When she reels in her catch, the fish starts to walk about the pier! He quickly introduces himself, Wall the walking fish. Madison, Wally, and Cooper become quick friends and even pay a visit to Betty the Beaver. When Wally's feet get tired, Madison's mom makes him some boots.

Filled with beautiful and lively illustrations, Wally the Walking Fish Meets Madison and Cooper is perfect to read to your child or for those learning to read.

Children will adore Cooper who grumbles throughout the book about being hungry. Educating children in the value of friendship along with descriptions of the animals only serve as an educational backdrop to this whimsical and enchanting tale.

Visit Walking Fish Books for more information about Mr. Lamit's other titles.


  1. I'm glad you included the close-up picture -- I was wondering exactly how fish walked! Sounds cute.


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