Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

I received this great and unique award from Emerald. If you get the chance, visit her fabulous blog. It's really terrific!  Thanks for thinking of me for this Emerald, very generous and kind of you!!

How it works is you have to list ten things about yourself then pass it on to ten other blogs.

1.  I have two teenagers, a boy and a girl, and no grey hair yet, but I know it's coming!
2.  My left pinkie is crooked from being frostbitten when I was two.
3. I can type 144 words per minute. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of that one.
4. I can take dictation with good old fashioned shorthand.  It's a lost art these days.
5. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemans) is in my family tree. Way way back there!
6. I've never seen the ocean, but I plan to someday. I hope!
7. Quirky fact! I like green olives and chocolate ice cream - Together!
8. I hate horror movies.
9. In the holiday season, I detest pumpkin anything! I love apple pie though :D
10. I am addicted to Supernatural. Love Dean and Sam!!

Now to nominate ten blogs for this nifty award!

  1. Live, Learn, Love
  2. The Book Reader
  3. So Many Books, So Little Time
  4. Royal Reviews
  5. Tynga's Urban Fantasy Reviews
  6. Enroute to Life
  7. Melissa's Bookshelf
  8. Literary Escapism
  9. Bookluver-Carol's Reviews
  10. Starting Fresh


  1. Thank you Wendy =)
    I'll make a post with my awards soon ^^

  2. haha wow, you're such an interesting person :D you've never been to the ocean?? I guess I'm luckier than I thought. I live about 45 minutes away from it... as for shorthand, don't worry you're not alone! My mom knows it, she was a reporter before she got pregnant with me ;) and she attempted(key word) to teach me. I still know some of it... haha it's fun though.

  3. I wish I had learned shorthand. I agree...lost art. You are quite interesting and found great things to share.

    Thank you for the award! Hopefully I can get something up after TG.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Wow. Never seen the ocean? I've always wondered what it would be like to encounter an ocean for the first time as an adult. I suppose it would be akin to seeing the Grand Canyon (which I haven't!).

    Congrats on your award! It's a fun one.

  5. Hi,just popping in to wish you and your family a most happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day!

    144 words a minute is a blur. Wow, I am impressed!

  6. Thanks so much Wendy! So sorry for the tardiness in responding :-)

    Take care!

  7. Thanks so much, Wendy! It's so cool that you're related to Samuel Clemens! I'd love to hear what you think of the ocean when you do see it. I've never seen a desert but come from a country of islands in the Pacific Ocean.



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