Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apoalypse Happens by Lori Handerland

Who wants to be alone when the APOCALYPSE HAPPENS?

Elizabeth Phoenix is called the leader of the light.  She is psychic, psychometric, and very powerful.  She is also a sexual empath, one who absorbs powers through sex.  When a Nephilim, a fallen angel, is nearby Liz usually gets a vision that tells her all about it.  Liz is also a vampire; one she keeps controlled by a tight and magical collar.

Liz arrives in Los Angeles to destroy a nest of varcolacs, half human and half dragon creatures.  They crave the destruction of the moon and sun and Liz needs to prevent an upcoming eclipse or all is lost.

Jimmy Sanducci is Liz's former lover and her second in command.  They love and hate one another passionately.  Sawyer is a Navajo Shaman who is also Liz's mentor.  She's slept with both of them and absorbed their powers.  It will take all three of them working together to defeat the varcolacs.  The problem though is Jimmy currently hates Liz and Sawyer may be working the other side.  Liz also keeps reaching to her collar to remove it when danger lurks.  Whom to trust with your life?

Lori Handerland has penned another fascinating addition to the PHOENIX CHRONICLES.  Sexy and gritty, urban fantasy and paranormal readers alike will enjoy it.  Handerland's world building is phenomenal and the characters are diverse and complex.  Elizabeth Phoenix is a dangerous and exciting heroine that you won't want to miss!
*Courtesy of RJ


  1. I've only read a short story by her in the anthology Dates from Hell. I liked it but didn't really love it's cheesy ending. I never did get around to picking up anything else by her.

  2. Ooh - sounds like a series I need to add to my list.


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