Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Immortals by J.T. Ellison

Halloween turns into a nightmare when eight teenagers are murdered.  It will take all of Lieutenant Taylor Jackson’s resources to uncover the killer.
Lieutenant Taylor Jackson, in charge of the homicide division, has her hands full.  The night of Halloween, Samhain—the Blood Harvest, she is called to the location of a murdered teenager.  While investigating the scene, she is called to another teenage homicide, and then another, a total of eight.  All are teenagers with carvings of pentagrams on their chest, and what seems to be caused by a drug overdose.
FBI profiler Baldwin, and also Taylor’s fiancé, wants to help with the investigation, but is abruptly called in to headquarters for questioning.  A case from years ago has recently had new information come to light and Baldwin’s job is on the line.  He’ll have to decide which information is relevant and which is best kept a secret and hope for the best.
A local witch comes forward with information that could potentially lead Taylor and her team to the killers.  Taylor soon finds herself immersed in the occult and mystical, and even though she doesn’t believe in it, she finds some of the knowledge believable.  With the help of her team and the witch, Taylor begins to unravel the mystery of the massive murders and hopefully bring the perpetrators to justice.
The Immortals is J.T. Ellison’s best work yet in the Taylor Jackson series! Jam packed with action, complex character, and a stunning plot, The Immortals will have you up late turning the pages.  Learning more about Baldwin’s past in this installment gives his character more depth and the reader understanding of some of his past actions.  Also, it is great to see Taylor back in charge.  The Immortals can be read alone, but you won’t want to miss the previous books in the series, ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS, 14, JUDAS KISS and THE COLD ROOM. Mystery, suspense and thriller lover won’t want to miss this one!


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