Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shavis - Review

Maddie Moore lost her boyfriend and her job almost simutaneously.  She didn't realize before things escalated that her boyfriend had a violent streak.  When things turned ugly, she poured her steaming hot coffee in his lap.  Unfortunately, he was the high-powered lawyer for the agency she worked at, and they fired her.

Same week, her mom dies.  She leaves to Maddie a third of an inn in Lucky Harbor.  She shares the inheritance with her two half sisters.  None of them have the same father and they all grew up separately, so they don't really know one another really well.

Homeless, broke, and wanting to reinvent her life, Maddie is determined that at Lucky Harbor she will create a new life for herself.  The problem is her sisters want to sell, and sell quickly, so they can get back to their lives.  Maddie insists on taking a shot at it, and so she hires master contracter Jax to make over the inn.  But Jax and Maddie create an instant spark between them. Maddie has sworn off men, and Jax is not looking for a relationship.  Can the two work through the past and the present so they can have a future?

Simply Irresistible is a charming romance.  Jill Shavis has a way with the pen, creating humor and complex yet likable and diverse characters.  The love scenes are steamy, yet brimming with promise.  A fun romp!

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