Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blood Justice by David Burton

Justine Kroft dies the night her daughter is brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered.  At least on the inside.  Nothing else matters but seeking justice on the men who performed this unspeakable act against her beautiful daughter Brittany.

She begins to investigate herself since it seems the police aren't doing a thorough job of it and encounters one of the men.  But Justine soon realizes that she isn't strong enough to kill him and is about to meet her maker, when a 350 year old vampire, Simone Gireaux, saves her life.

Justine has nothing to live for.  Sure, she is attracted to Detective Harry Frazer and she only has one friend, Teresa Diaz, but she cannot go on with her life until Brit's murder is avenged.  She asks Simone to change her into a vampire, so that she can have the strength and the speed to kill the men who seem to be superhuman.

Teresa's daughter vanished a few months ago, and the story out is that many young girls have disappeared over the past few years.  Coincidence? Justine may have a new hunger in her immortal life and not just seeking justice, but will it be enough? The men who were involved with Brit's death are just the icing on the cake, the real killer is Stephan Sinakov, a Master Vampire of the Sinakov Family and he is very powerful. He will do what it takes to remove Justine from thwarting his plans, even if it means the lives of Teresa and Harry. 

Blood Justice is not your average vampire novel, but so much more.  Vampires, not your cutesy and romance kind either, but dark, evil, bloodthirsty monsters, that have no conscience or compassion for humans.  Justine is a very strong character and you feel for her loss and rejoice for her as she finds her way in her new world.  Teresa is a perfect bff, compassionate and supporting, and then there is Harry, who has been in love with Justine for years, who wants to run her in to the authorities on one hand, but on the other, wants her to seek peace and love.  Thoroughly entertaining, page-turning, top-notch character development, and scary as hell.  I would love to see a sequel with these characters as Justine goes after her mother's murderer! David Burton is a terrific writer - well recommended reading!

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