Sunday, November 14, 2010

Late Entry - Fall Gratitude Follower Hop Information

Gratitude Giveaways - Blog Follower Appreciation Hop - A way to say thank you for being a blog follower!

Wanted to give you a heads up about this fabulous hop!! I'm a late entry, but Minding Spot will be participating and I have a few nice book geared prizes:)

There are over 175 Blogs Participating, so you'll want to make sure to set some time aside and check out alot of blogs and enter for some really cool books and whatnot. 

Gratitude Giveaways will begin on Wednesday, November 17th and end on Sunday, November 28th.

I'll have my contest ready to go live right at Midnight on the 16th!! Let's have some fun this week :)


  1. Following you from the Psychedelic Sunday blog hop. Have a great week ahead!

  2. newest follower from This for That

    I'm going to check out this hop Thanks!

    come on over to my place:

  3. Bloghopping and I'm now a new follower. Hope you will follow back!
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