Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lady of the Veils by M.L. John

Karen MacGregor's mother was exiled from Summerland, even though she was a Seelie princess and knight.  So, Karen grew up outside of the land of Faerie except on vacations.  She speaks English and Faerie, and spends her time with her friends, classes,and working at the YMCA.

But the Ogres have crashed the palace and the King and his family have been executed.  On top of all of that, Karen's brother Julien was supposedly shot down in the line of duty during his flight, but Karen is hoping since the war is over, perhaps the Captain was wrong and her brother will return home. 

She's absolutely devastated about the loss of her Godfather and his family, but a call from customs has herself and her mom driving over their quickly.  There may have been six bodies, but Beri, his mother, and his sister are said to be alive.  Karen is in love with Beri even though it isn't allowed, so she is overjoyed when she finds out her truly is alive.

Beri is looking for his mother, and Karen wants to help, so she helps him investigate in Faerie. Learning new magical abilities she didn't realize she had, Karen leads a rebel force into the Faerie to take back the land. Filled with action, magical creatures and a fantastic world, romance, passion, realistic and contemporary characters, Lady of the Veils is a terrific fantasy!  M.L. John has built a world that is believable and vividly painted.  Absolutely fantastic debut!

On a side note, I just Love the cover! It is so colourful and really catches the eye!!


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