Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Stuff Everyday Guide: How Customers and Companies Can Unlock the Power of Freebies by Mike Essex

I'm always about saving money! I love getting samples because I like to try a product before I buy.  I use coupons for anything and everything.  My kids think I'm obsessed - maybe with saving money.  Times are hard these days and you have to save and pinch everywhere you can

Free Stuff Everyday written by Mike Essex says to throw those coupons out and get items for free.  He even tells you how.  I have some experience with this.  For instance, I'm reviewing Mike's book and in return, he gave me a free copy of the book.  Most companies want the maximum exposure to sell their product and they are willing to pay for it - in the form of a review or a product sample.

Mike shares over ninety examples of how he has acquired free stuff and explains how easy it is to do it.  Whether it be an email, a letter,  a phone call or connecting via a social network, Mike makes it look and sound easy.  Again, I've tried a few of his examples and they really do work.  Mike writes straightforward and there are no gimmicks.  Just follow "the rules".  No one wants to deal with scammer and if you promise to review a product or provide feedback in exchange for the product, then follow through.  A thirty day plan is included and he explains how to target a brand, category and product.  For those looking to find something for free, well with a little effort on your part, the sky is the limit.

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