Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bound by Darkness by Buffy Christopher

Lila Anderson spent years as a slave for a B & D Master. Now, finally free and a Mistress herself, she is enjoying her sexual power which she uses for her job at The Pit, a bondage and domination club.

Recently, she has been plagued with dreams of dead women. She watches through the eyes of someone else, a man. But then she usually sees the dead women on television shortly thereafter, a dream that has become a reality. But now the visions are plaguing her while she is awake, and the man she sees the visions through is talking to her in her head.

Drake Bennett is a vampire, over four hundred years old. Years ago, he turned a young man, Simon, into a vampire. Simon was sick and sadistic and a human who never should have been turned. Now, Simon is murdering young women in Drake's territory, hoping to draw the notice of the Vampire Council. If noticed, it is Drake who would be punished to the death for the deaths.

While Drake is pursuing Simon, Lila keeps popping up in his head. Used to his solitude and betrayed by a woman before, he has no use for her and wants her out of his mind. But eventually Lila and Drake hook up, and there are immediate sparks.

When Lila is kidnapped by Simon, she hopes her psychic connection with Drake will help save her. Simon is determined to destroy anything Drake cares about, and he uses Lila's skills and bondage and domination to break her and turn her against Drake. Will Drake get to her in time before everything is lost?

BOUND BY DARKNESS is a thrilling and spicy paranormal romance with high intensity scenes. The attention to detail is spectacular, painting a picture in the reader's mind. The character development is grand, creating emotion for the reader to despise Simon and come to like Lila and Drake and even cheer for them. Dark and compelling characters, sizzling love scenes and a page-turning plot mesh together into a high adrenaline read!

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