Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brightwing by Sullivan Lee

Lucy Brightwing has a dream.  She wants to have enough money - millions- and start her own tribe.  She comes from the ancient Native American tribe, Tequesta.  She's also the last of her people, but she is determined to return to her lands.  In order to achieve this dream, she needs money and lots of it.  Fortunately for her, she listens and does her homework.  She ends up stealing millions of uncut jewels from a jeweler. 

Fresh from her heist, she is annoyed when her break lights stop working on her journey to freedom.  To make matters worse, two well-dressed men stop to aid her, with a gun.  She is sure she can take them, but is worried about the authorities being involved.  If they are, they'll find her ill-gotten gain in the trunk.  But she plays along, there is something about the older one, Edgar, that makes her want to help them.

The Battle brothers, Edgar and Mallory, escaped prison and have left a trail of bodies on their path to freedom.  Edgar is the older brother and just wants to escape from the authorities and live the good life.  Mallory, though, doesn't think before he acts and continues to kill.  Edgar tries to clean up his mess, as a good brother, but knows the authorities are hot on their trail.  With a hostage, they may have a chance, but at what cost?

Brightwing is a stellar novel brimming with criminal activities, action, romance and phenomenal character development.  Mallory really is insane and that shines through in his actions and thought processes.  Lucy and Edgar compliment one another and the choices they make accellerate the novel.  Highly recommend!!

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