Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jim Money Blog Tour: Guest Post Glenn Gamble: Time Is at a Premium

So far in this blog tour I’ve submitted guest posts and interviews late to a handful of bloggers. I apologize with deep regret for not meeting my obligations in a timely manner. It is really tough to work, write blogs, do interviews and write at the same time. Given my commitment to the aforementioned, there are simply not enough hours in a day. If there weren’t enough obstacles, I’ve hurt my wrist and forearm from typing so much on my computer. So far I’ve rested my wrist and forearm for an entire day and now I’m giving typing a go. Hopefully from this point forward, I can resume typing blogs, writing and meeting my obligations.

I decided to write this blog to share my challenges and obstacles with you as I continue my blog tour and my journey as an independent author. It’s not easy to gain traction, and get my books in front of readers. I feel overwhelmed most days due to my time constraints, but I would not trade my circumstances for anyone else’s. Don’t feel sorry for me, my circumstances are pretty good. I’m gainfully employed, I have a gift for writing stories, and damn it, people like me, so I don’t want your sympathy. Being an independent author is tough, but my circumstances could be worse. In fact, I’m publishing my books at a time when an author never had more options. Had I been born 10 years earlier, I would have been at the mercy of a major publisher’s approval of my work, and it is not easy to get a publishing contract. In fact, if I had to pursue a publishing deal in the 90s, I might have given up if it took me too long to find a publisher that believes in me.

I tend to tell my friends that I chose to self-publish because I believe in myself and my books, but would I feel the same way if my only option was to gain the approval of a major publisher? How much would I believe in myself after receiving 10 rejection letters? A hundred? A thousand? Thanks to Lightning Source, Createspace, Kindle Digital Publishing, Nook and Smashwords, I will never have to answer that question. I bet that many writers who tried to get their book published in the past through conventional means wished that time was their only obstacle. This is why I feel that I’m in a great position, and that I’m sharing my books with the public at the right time.

If you want to do something in life, you have to go after it. Don’t use time as an excuse –find a way to get it done. Sometimes your time to work on your personal goals only come in 15 minute chunks here and there –USE THEM. Will it guarantee success for you? No, but it sure as hell beats not trying at all.

You can check out Glenn Gamble’s books, all of which are available on Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Gamble/e/B002BMGSVK and Barnes and Noble Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Glenn-Gamble?keyword=Glenn+Gamble&store=allproducts and Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/glenngamble and most recently in the iBookstore for all you iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

Jim Money bites off more than he can chew when he goes to collect a gambling debt. He's beaten, shot at, finds out that his girlfriend is involved with his best friend, and is forced to work with a woman he despises all in one day.
In trying to discover what is going on, a more sinister truth is brought to light.

Jim is a loan shark who wants nothing more than to ease out of his criminal lifestyle, marry his girlfriend and start a family.

Jessica is Jim's unreliable girlfriend who runs off with his best friend for an inexplicable reason.

Steve is Jim's best friend and enforcer. He's animal-like, and a deadbeat's worst nightmare.

Carla is Steve's tough as nails wife and who has a nose for detecting anything out of the ordinary.Jim disgusts her, but ends up teaming with him to find the answers that she's NOT looking for.

Chuck is a deadbeat who refuses to pay back money owed to Jim and almost gets him killed.

James is Chuck's hotheaded younger brother who destroys first and never ask questions.


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