Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

Camden Bristow spent many summers at the Bristow mansion overlooking Crescent Hill when she was younger. As she grew older, her mom didn't want to look back and Camden grew up and into her career as a professional photographer. Her grandmother sent me her many letters over the years as well as invitations to come stay, but Camden was always too busy.

Now, Camden is broke, jobless and homeless. She doesn't want to ask her mom for any cash so she decides to ask her grandma to let her stay for a few weeks until she decides how to get her life back together. Unfortunately, when Camden arrives at the manor, her grandmother had passed away and left her the rundown home.

Alex Yates has been in town for months working on a proposal to buy ten acres of land and help boost the declining economy. He doesn't hesitate to offer his help to the alluring Camden, even though she doesn't understand what is in it for him. She knows something is going on in the old mansion - she feels like she is never alone. What she doesn't realize that legend has it an old treasure is buried within the walls of the mansion and someone will do whatever it takes to retrieve it.

Camden's investigation into the mysteries of the manor takes her back into the past, uncovering deep family secrets and revealing current mysteries. Page-turning, poignant and memorable characters with shadows of the past and dark secrets mesh together into this compelling and hard-to-put down tale. Highly recommend!!!

I received this book as complimentary through the Kregel Book Tours, but all thoughts and opinions are expressly my own.

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