Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Kate Winters is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld.  She's married to Henry, the ruler of the Underworldand has been abroad in Greece the past six months.  So, she is excited to see her husband and get coroneted to take her place beside him to rule. 

Calliope is in love with Henry and will do everything in her power to kill Kate, so she can have Henry for herself. Before Kate became Henry's wife, there were other suitors and Calliope made sure that they all died, as she doesn't like competition.

Kate's excitement about seeing Henry is short-lived. Although she loves him, he doesn't seem as excited to see her, as he goes about business as usual. During her coronation, Henry is abducted. Kate will do whatever it takes to get him back. The only person who knows the location of where Henry is being held is Persephone, Kate's sister and Henry's first wife. Kate struggles with asking her for help, but she will do whatever it takes to help Henry, even if she has to sacrifice her immortal life to do so.

Cronus, the King of the Titans, has awoken and Calliope is determined to let him escape his prison and wreak havoc upon humanity. Henry is the only person who can open the gates to let him through, and he refuses to do so. When Kate arrives, she is determined to save him, even if it costs her her life. Henry, however, doesn't seem happy to see her and acts like he doesn't care if she lives or dies. Her heart crumbling, Kate vows that if she lives through the fight with Cronus, she will leave Henry. But Kate doesn't realize how deep Calliope's hatred is for her, and any future she might have is in danger.

GODDESS INTERRUPTED is a great twist on Greek mythology! With new modern names replacing the god names, at first, it is confusing until you realize who each one represents. Zeus is determined to use new names since it is a new world. The emotional turmoil Kate goes through is heartbreaking, yet she is strong, and I found myself becoming her champion. With fantastic characters, super world-building and an action-packed plot, GODDESS INTERRUPTED refuses to be put down until the last page is read. Although GODDESS INTERRUPTED can be read as a standalone, you won't want to miss the first book in the series, THE GODDESS TEST!*Courtesy of Romance Junkies

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  1. Nice review! Really enjoyed The Goddess Test, so looking forward to reading this one!


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