Monday, November 5, 2012

Skoy Cloths Review & Giveway - Holiday Gift Guide

   The SKOY cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth.  Our re-usable earth friendly cloth is perfect in your kitchen, bathroom, and on most surface areas in your home or office.  SKOY cloth can be used in place of your sponge, wash cloth or paper towels. 

Skoy Cloths are very eye-appealing! Trying to be more green, I was intrigued by these cloths that you can use, re-use, toss in the dishwasher and then re-use.  Surely, they couldn't hold up that well? But they did!  Using one cloth equals fifteen rolls of paper-towel  Wow! And the best part? They are completely biodegradable.  Testing shows that they 100% biodegrade in about five weeks when properly composted.

What's also pretty cool is they hold about 15 times their weight.  So you can them really saturated with water and they don't even shred or tear.  I really like the bright colors too! It really brightens up an otherwise dreary chore. You can also put your wet Skoy cloth in the microwave to kill bacteria.  Don't have a dishwasher? You can toss them in the washer/dryer.  That's what I did and it worked great!  They are very absorbent and economical! I love mine!

Skoy has recently moved into Fundraising, which I am very excited about! I see so many fundraisers selling the same thing, over and over again.  But with Skoy, your school can keep 40%!  Not only that, but with the fundraiser, they get the normal five pack, but also a customized fundraiser print! Very cool.

I think Skoy Cloths would be a great gift idea! You can add them into an adult stocking or as part of a gift basket! 


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  1. Skoy cloths are a wonderful alternative to paper products. I'm excited to see that they've moved to fundraising as well. Brilliant!

  2. We love Skoy cloths!! They're awesome

  3. I love Skoy cloths....thanks for the giveaway

  4. I love Skoy cloths. We saved a ton on Paper Towels with them!

  5. I have seen these around on different places online... I really like them!! Entered thanks!

  6. I have never tried them or even heard of them before, they look awesome and I will have to check them out for sure, thanks for the info!

  7. love to try them debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com


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