Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paramount Coffee Review - Holiday Gift Guide

Paramount Coffee has been in business seventy-five years! That alone tells you that they know what they are doing.  But what makes Paramount Coffee different from those other companies is that it is entirely owned by its employees.  This way, it can't be bought by a national company.  They are one of the biggest coffee roasters in the Midwest, with a loyal following and new customers everyday.

I like to drink my coffee a few ways.  I like it hot and black, hot with some liquor in it or I like it over ice with  cream and sweetener.  My daughter loves flavored coffee, but I've never been a fan, except when it's the liquor doing the flavoring.

We've been bouncing off of the walls lately; drinking so much coffee! But it's not all a bad thing.  I love coffee and with two ambitious teenagers, I can use all of the energy I can get.  Not to mention all of the great deals going on at the shops!

I've had a lot of fun trying the Ugly Sweater Coffees - Almond Amaretto, Creme Brulee and Santa's Gift To You.  I will tell you that my daughter's favorite of the three is the Creme Brulee.  It's a medium roasted coffee, slightly sweet and creamy.  I had a hard time slowing her down - she loves this coffee!

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the other two.  The Almond Amaretto has a faint flavor of almonds really reminded me of the amaretto liquor, which I put in my coffee a lot.  It almost has the same flavor, but without the alcohol content.  A medium roast that is full-bodied and just bursts with flavor on the taste-buds.

The Santa's Gift To You Coffee though, the sky is the limit.  I've been drinking this medium roasted coffee is very rich, dark and wonderful.  Not only have I been drinking this delicious coffee black, but I've been chilling it and pouring it over ice with cream and sweetener.  I am in love! 

Paramount Coffee has over 100 varieties of Premium Coffee, so you're sure to find something you'll enjoy or to gift.  They are backed with a 100% guarantee and are Fair Trade, USDA Organic, UTZ, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Paramount Coffee is your stop for coffee shopping! Great for yourself, entertaining or gift giving! They also have holiday coffee sets, but be aware, these flavors won't last forever.  It's for a limited time only, while supplies last - so get yours today!

*I received coffee samples to facilitate this review but all opinions are expressly my own.


  1. I love 'Ugly Sweater'! Fun gift idea and stocking stuffers!

  2. The Almond Amaretto sounds amazing! I love the name of the coffee's too, to cute!

  3. I don't drink coffee, but my husband loves it. I think he'd really like the Creme Brulee too. Great stocking stuffer!

  4. I'm with your daughter - Creme Brulee sounds amazzzzing. My favorite dessert combine with coffee = WIN!


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