Monday, July 6, 2015

Hawk Nelson - Diamonds Album Review

   When I was asked if I wanted to provide a review for Hawk Nelson’s new CD titled “Diamonds”; I jumped at the chance to do it without even hesitating. I have heard their music off and on since I was in my late teens. I think they are one of the most amazing Christian bands out there and I think their music resonates with everyone regardless of age or religion! I loved this CD; from the first song “Diamonds” to the very last song “Only You.” No matter what age or mood the listener is in; I think he/she will find a song on that he/she likes and will either sing or hum along. A few of my favorite songs on this CD are “Diamonds”  “Sold Out” and Thank God For Something.” If you are a big fan of Hawk Nelson’s then this is a CD to add to your collection!  

      The only disappointing thing about “Diamonds” was the number of tracks; I would have liked there to be 2-4 more songs on included; I feel like the band gets you into the mood to listen, sing, dance, and worship Jesus and just as the listener is really getting into the music then it’s over and it left me wanting a little more. That was the only problem I had with this amazing CD by an awesome band!  Out of a 10 I give Hawk Nelson a “10” and “Diamonds” an “8.”

*I received a copy of this album in exchange for my honest review. Tiffany

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