Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sage's Eyes by V.C. Andrews

Sixteen-year-old Sage is a lonely child. Her adoptive parents watch her obsessively, as if studying her for warning signs of…something. And maybe they’re right to—even she can’t make sense of the strange things she sees and hears. She possesses knowledge that other teenagers don’t, that her parents and teachers—no adult—could possibly have. So when Sage finally makes a friend who understands her alarming gift, he becomes her confidant, a precarious link to the truth about who she really is. For Sage and the alluring new boy at school share many things in common. Perhaps, they’ll learn, far too many things.

Sage's Eyes instantly had me intrigued. Sage is an adopted child who has visions and memories of things that she couldn't possibly have experienced herself. She is warned not to share these visions with anyone and is not even allowed to discuss them with her parents. A lot of the story focuses around the lies her parents tell her and the secrets she knows they are keeping. She wants to know herself but feels that they won't let her. They are extremely strict which doesn't exactly help her to fit in with other children who already think she's strange. The mother especially irked me at times as she was constantly acting as if she thought everything Sage did or thought was going to somehow prove that she was evil or something. You can tell that Sage has a good heart so it's hard to like this woman who can't seem to see the same thing about the child she is raising. But this does make you wonder why she is so concerned and what she thinks is going to happen with Sage that makes her so untrustworthy.

 The story stays entertaining through and through but I will admit that once I got most of the way done with the book and still had not found out the secrets behind Sage's powers and their origin for certain, I was a little bugged. Luckily the plot itself kept me moving briskly through the pages wanting more. Things got especially interesting once a new boy at school is brought into the picture ( doesn't it always? ). 

While the story felt pretty complete, there is definitely room for more, and I would love for this to have a sequel now that it is established for sure what's going on with Sage and there are still some major things out there that she might have to deal with. All in all I would absolutely recommend picking this one up.  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. April

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