Monday, October 20, 2008

Bite Me by Parker Blue

Val Shapiro is having a really rotten birthday. Getting kicked out of the house, losing her job, and being told to stay away from her younger half- sister is only the icing on the cake. However, things are looking up. She makes a friend out of a part- bloodhound named Fang, finds a job killing vamps for real money, and becomes the room-mate of her new partners sister.

Val is part succubus, which is how she gets some of her surreal powers. However, she has been hunting vampires for a few years now to keep her succubus side at bay. No need to let all that power loose.

Full of charm, wit and a kickin' attitude, Val is about to take the Demon Underground by storm. She is bound and determined to save her family, whether they want her to or not.

Her telepathic dog Fang only lends to the charm of this book. They make a dyno-mite duo!! I absolutely loved Bite Me! An adventurous ride with likeable characters and a solid plot make this a top-notch urban fantasy. I am already craving more of Val and Fang !!

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