Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

The sequel to Moonstone opens with Allie still without her powers. Allie is the chosen one, the girl who is the Star Seeker of an old gypsy prophecy. Her boyfriend Junior Martinez went on a trip to Mexico and still isn't back, and to beat it all, she has to attend school counseling sessions because of the big T (trauma) she had a while back. Then there is her dad, Mike Purdy, who still hadn't told his wife and kids about her. He is the one who is educating Allie about the prophecy and her new powers. He takes her to the Star Seeker meetings, where everyone there has the star on their palm.

Then there's the new boy at school, Beck Bradford. He's hot, he can heal Allie, and he's half demon. He and Allie become close, and he wants to fight all her battles. He helps her regain her powers and try to keep the moonstone safe. That's the pendant Allie wears and the Trimark, the darker polar opposite of the Star Seekers, wants it badly and they will do anything to get it, even kill.

The second book in the Unbidden Magic Series is absolutely wonderful! Allie's world is extended with the addition of more information about the prophecy and the addition of some unique and versatile characters. The action is page-turning and their are some gasp out loud surprises. I'm looking forward to the next in the series to see what happens in Allie's world next! Her supernatural world is expanding and she is learning how to find her place in it. Magically delicious!

You can read an excerpt of Moon Rise here

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