Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cowboy Trouble by Joanne Kennedy

Libby Brown has decided that chickens are the way to go.  Coming from a bad relationship, her boyfriend leaving her for her boss, she decides to leave it all and move to Wyoming and raise chickens. Chickens don't care if you love them and they won't break your heart.

Luke Rawlins is a handsome cowboy who lives on a neighboring ranch.  He's just being neighborly when he brings Libby a casserole and helps her unload her belongings. But something about Libby tugs at his heart and he'll do whatever he can to get her to trust him.

Libby doesn't want Luke to be the rebound relationship so she makes it clear they are only friends.  With a journalist background, Libby gets a job at the local newspaper.  There really isn't any news in such a small town, with the exception of a disappearance of a girl two years ago.  Libby starts to investigate and things begin to heat up.   Cash, the local sheriff, sets his eyes on the lovely Libby and finangles his way into her space.  He offers up clues to Della, the disappearing girl, as bait to get Libby to spend time with him.

Luke can hardly stand the fact that Libby is spending time with the Sheriff, but wants to give Libby her space.  He is afraid to scare her off.  But when someone attacks Libby, it's personal.  Libby and Luke work together to investigate the two year old crime.  But when the heat sizzles between Luke and Libby, one of them backs away.  Libby is afraid to ruin their relationship with something more, and Luke is afraid to lose Libby. 

But when the clues begin to point toward Luke as the perpetrator, Libby freezes her heart.  Can Luke convince her that he is the cowboy of her heart? Can Luke and Libby figure out the bad guy before one of them gets hurt? You'll have to read it to get your answers! COWBOY TROUBLE is a fun and delicious romantic romp!

The pets of Libby's are a wonderful addition to the vivid cast of characters.  Luke and Libby's relationship is like a rose, slow to blossom, but then the reward is so satisfying!  Joanne Kennedy has penned a winner with Cowboy Trouble, and if you love cowboys, you won't want to miss this one! Romance, Mystery, and Spurs! YUM!!

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